Cartoonist Drew Dernavich on Humor, Craft, and Drawing for The New Yorker

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Drew Dernavich is a prolific cartoonist whose work has appeared regularly in The New Yorker since 2002. In the past few months his two book projects also had a moment in the spotlight: It’s Not Easy Being Number Three, a children’s book which he wrote and illustrated, and Bullshit: A Lexicon, a collaboration with Mark Peters.

Drew blogs regularly about his artistic process and other interests at Words, Pictures, Humor. We recently chatted about his work, the path that led him to his distinct visual style, and the challenges of visual humor.

Earlier this year you published your first children’s book, It’s Not Easy Being Number Three, in which the titular number decides to disappear. How did this project come about?

Photo by Amy Semple. Photo by Amy Semple.

I tried to publish a graphic novel for a long time and I had several different ideas, which I carried to various levels of…

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