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The moment.jpg Living the moment!

(Those who find it too long to read, locate the word hypothetically and start from there)

You encounter new obstacles every minute. You learn from your mistakes every hour. You feel happy for someone may be everyday. In all these experiences of life, the protagonist is undoubtedly YOU, but the cast and crew never remains the same. Everyday everything that happens may be along with or because of someone, anyone or the same one! But you do remember all the contingent people, whichever dealt with.

The reason is quite simple. They are worth it for the moment, and, the moment is all that matters!
By worth it, I implicitly mean to say that for that particular moment, they and only they, are with you to share your ecstasy, sorrow and offer condolence.
And only they can make that moment special.
If they are with you right now…

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