Review: Annika Maya BB Cream (perfect for darker skin tones!!!     …including discount code, yeeey!!!…



Happy Monday lovelies!

Today I want to tell you about the “BB Cream Journey” that I have been on since 2012 when BB creams became popular. And like many other darker skinned beauties can confirm….it was one tough ride!!!

So what is BB Cream exactly?
BB stands for Blemish Balm, Blemish Base or Beauty Balm. It was formulated in the 1960’s by a German dermatologist called Dr. Christine Schrammek, who used the cream after her patients had surgery or facial peels to protect their skin (so it could heal properly) and hide any scars and redness after the laser treatments.
Years later BB Cream became very popular in Asia, especially in South Korea, where national celebrities promoted the cream stating it would do wonders for the skin.

Interesting…But what does BB Cream do?
A good BB Cream should be a total package. It moisturizes, protects against the sun, soothes and…

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