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One very large section of my personality is fantasy prone. This means that I am subject to vivid day dreams and imaginings several times throughout each day. It is not an occasional occurrence. Of course, most writers and artists possess this characteristic in varying degrees. There is actually a test you can take to confirm if you have a fantasy prone personality. The thing is, some psychologists consider this to be a “disorder.”

Fantasy prone people can certainly operate under logic when necessary, but when one is on the extreme end of the spectrum of imaginative thinking, logic takes the back seat most of the time. It is wonderful for creating, but perhaps challenging in many day to day life situations. It’s a balancing act for a creative writer or artist to be able to function in the real world, while being able to embrace their highly imaginative side. They…

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koa campgrounds

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Upon request, I’m back with our Naturalista series 🙂 where each week I share experiences, tips and tricks that Ugandan Natural sistas are using on their on hair. In this feature, I met with Vanessa at a lovely cafe for Coffee and some hair chit-chat. She is a care-free beauty that is’t afraid to let her curls run wild…enjoy

Name: Miss Vanessa Kamurasi.

Dream Job: I’m easily fascinated with space so probably an Astronaut (if I had the brains 🙂

Fave spots In Kampala: I go just about everywhere in Kampala.

Passionate about: Learning new things, usually just by googling.

Currently listening to: Am always listening to Lana Del Ray, Stromae, Wizkid & Ali Kiba

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